Names of hotels listed below are those of the star-hotels only, which in no way should be interpreted as the absence of starless hotels as there are quite a number of them all over the province. Some hotels and an amount for tax and service on the bill, then again some others don't. Hotel rates adjustments may take place from time to time depending on season, demand, exchange rate, and room availability. Thus, all information offered herein should be considered as unbinding and essentially basic.


Sukajadi Street 174-176 Bandung

DR. Junjunan Street 153 Bandung

Abadi Hotel
D.R Setia Budhi Street 287 Bandung

R.E Martadinata Street 15-17 Bandung

Baltika City
Gatot Subroto Street 85 Bandung

Bumi Asih
Cimalaya Street 1 Bandung

Pasirkaliki Street 45 Bandung

Dipatiukur Street 27 Bandung

Suniaraja Street 14 Bandung

New Naripan
Naripan Street 31-33 Bandung

Patra Jasa
Ir.H. Juanda Street 132 Bandung

Pondok Sani Rosa
Hegarmanah Street 4 Bandung

Provence Guest House
Geger Kalong Wetan Street 11 Bandung

Green Hill
Setia Budhi Street 376 Bandung

Gurame Street 7 Bandung

Harapan Eka Graha
Kepatihan Street 14 Bandung

Harmony Inn
Talaga Bodas Street 23 Bandung

International Hotel
Bunhsu Street 32 Bandung

Kidang Street 24 Bandung

ITB Sawung Galing
Sawung Galing Street 13 Bandung

Jelita Parahyangan
Pasirkaliki Street 61 Bandung

Karang Setra
Sindang Sari Street 10 Bandung

Grand Aquila Hotels
DR. Junjunan Street 116 Bandung
Phone: (022) 2039280

Grand Hotel Preanger
Asia Afrika Street 81 Bandung
Phone: (022) 4231631
Fax: (022) 4230034

Hyatt Regency Hotel
Sumatera Street 51 Bandung
Phone: (022) 4211234
Fax: (022) 4210390

Sheraton Inn Hotel
Ir.H. Junda Street 390 Bandung
Phone: (022) 2500303
Fax: (022) 2500301

The Arjuna
Ciumbuleuit Street 152

Citra Cikopo Hotel
Otista Street 16

Holiday Inn
Dago Street 33 Bandung

Horison Hotel
Maskumambang Street 8 Bandung

Jayakarta Suite
Ir.H. Juanda Street 381A Bandung

Panghegar Hotel
Merdeka Street 2

Papandayan Hotel
Gatot Subroto Street 83 Bandung

Cihampelas Street 240 Bandung

Citra /Garuda
Gardujati Street 93 Bandung

Ir. H Juanda Street 21 Bandung

Edelweis Caf & House
Sukajadi Street 206 Bandung

Seram Street 3 Bandung

Gania Plaza
Veteran Street 30 Bandung

Gegerkalong Asri
Gegerkalong Hilir Street 126 Bandung

Surya Sumantri Street 10 Bandung

Graha Sartika
Pelajar Pejuang 45 Street 42 Bandung

Permata Internasional Hotel
Leumah Neundeut Street 7 Bandung

Savoy Homan Hotel
Asia Afrika Street 112 Bandung

Cipaku Indah Home Stay
Cipaku II Street 2 Bandung

Endah Parahyangan Hotel
Raya Cibeureum Street 22 Bandung

Geulis Hotel
Ir. H. Juanda Street

Graha Santika Hotel
Sumatra Street 52-54 Bandung

Gumilang Sari Hotel
DR Setia Budhi Street 323-325 Bandung

Imperium Hotel
DR. Rum Street 3 Bandung

Istana Hotel
Lembong Street 44 Bandung

Malya Hotel
Ranca Bentang Street 56-58 Bandung

Mutiara Hotel
Kebon Kaung Street 60-62 Bandung

Nalendra Hotel
Cihampelas Street Bandung

Royal Merdeka
Merdeka Street 35 Bandung

Royal Palace Hotel
Lembong Street 21 Bandung

Talaga Sari
DR.Setia Budhi Street 269 Bandung

Gardujati Street 55-61 Bandung

Arjuna Plaza
Cimbuleuit Street 152 Bandung

Otto Iskandardinata Street 20 Bandung

Royal Dago Inn
Ir.H. Juanda Street 100 Bandung

Moch. Ramdan Street 98 Bandung

Bandung Permai
Jend. A Yani Street 308 Bandung

Princess / Prameswari
Braga Street 103 Bandung

Bukit Dago
Ir.H. Juanda Street 311 Bandung

Bumi Asih Jaya
Sukarno Hatta Street 368 Bandung

Crysanta House
Pasteur Street 35 Bandung

Progo Street 6 Bandung

Puri Audie
Sirna Galih Street 9 Bandung

Puri Gardenia
Dipati Ukur Street 30 Bandung

Puri Setia Budhi
Seti Budhi Street 378 Bandung

Puspa Kencana
Siliwangi Street 10 Bandung

Remaja GKPN
Lengkong Besar Street 4 Bandung

R.E. Martadinata Street 46 Bandung

Kebon Sirih Street 4 Bandung

Le 'Aries
Gunung Batu Street Bandung

Lebang Gunung Indah
Setia Budhi Street 418 Bandung

Lebak Gunung Permai
Setia Budhi Street 414 Bandung

Sukarno Hatta Street 464 Bandung

Malayang Sari
Setia Budhi Street 341 Bandung

Sukarno Hatta Street 673 Bandung

Mitra IPTN
Supratman Street 98 Bandung

Naripan Indah
Pelajar Pejuang 45 Street 35 Bandung

Cipaganti Street 150 Bandung

Nusa Indah
Lodaya Street 95 Bandung

Pendawa D
Kalam Street 4 Bandung


Puri Mira Hotel
Raya Tajur Street 225
Phone: (0251) 330908

Salak Hotel
Ir. H. Juanda Street 8
Phone: (0251) 350400

Seranusa Hotel
Perdana Budi Agung Street
Phone: (0251) 358961

New Mirah
Pangrango Street 9 A
Phone: (0251) 348044

Pakuan 12
Pakuan Street 12
Phone: (0251) 319430

Wisma Kartika
Gedong Sawah II Street 19 Bogor
Phone: (0251) 323747

Duta Berlian
Raya Darmaga Bogor
Phone: (0251) 627627

Elsana Transit Hotel
Sawojajar Street 36
Phone: (0251) 322552

Bogor Hotel Inn
Kumbang Street 21
Phone: (0251) 328134

Duta Hotel
Baranangsiang Street II/7
Phone: (0251) 315373

Monalisa Hotel
Raya Tajur Street 30
Phone: (0251) 332824

Pangrango I Hotel
Pangrango Street 23
Phone: (0251) 328670

Pangrango II Hotel
Pajajaran Street 32
Phone: (0251) 321482

Pangrango III Hotel
Pajajaran Street 32
Phone: (0251) 343433

Ganda Sari Cottage
Veteran Street 57
Phone: (0251) 322540

Permata Hotel
Pajajaran Street 35
Phone: (0251) 318007

Pondok Nirmala Hotel
Baru Street 91
Phone: (0251) 317959

Mawar Sari Hotel
Raya Wangun Street 333
Phone: (0251) 329541

Efita Hotel
Sawojajar Street 5
Phone: (0251) 333400

Mirah Santika Hotel
Dewi Sartika Street 6 A
Phone: (0251) 312343


Aurora Hotel
RA Kartini Street 27
Phone: (0231) 204541

Asia Hotel
Kalibaru Selatan Street 15
Phone: (0231) 202183

Grinhil Pasindangan Hotel
Sunan Gunung Jati Street 89
Phone: (0231) 222489

Cirebon Indah Hotel
Tuparev Street Km 3
Phone: (0231) 210140

Palapa Hotel
Stasiun Street 8
Phone: (0231) 202380

Padma Indah Hotel
Rajawali Raya Street 329
Phone: (0231) 232818

Omega Hotel
Tuparev Street 20
Phone: (0231) 202585

Niaga Hotel
Kalibaru Selatan Street 49
Phone: (0231) 201731

Kharisma International Hotel
RA Kartini Street 60
Phone: (0231) 202295

Imperial Hotel
Darsono Street
Phone: (0231) 207750

Santika Hotel
Dr Wahidin Sudirohusodo Street 32
Phone: (0231) 200570

Roslitasari Hotel
Brigjen Darsono Street 8
Phone: (0231) 204366

Rahayu Hotel
Moh Toha Street 45
Phone: (0231) 200322

Priangan Hotel
Siliwangi Street 108
Phone: (0231) 202929

Prima Cirebon Hotel
Siliwangi Street 107
Phone: (0231) 201487

Zamrud Hotel
Dr Wahidin Sudirohusodo Street 46 A
Phone: (0231) 246201

Wisma Rajawali Hotel
Rajawali Barat II Street 5
Phone: (0231) 206326

Tryas Hotel
RA Kartini Street 86
Phone: (0231) 232833

Sunyaragi Hotel
Evakuasi Street 65
Phone: (0231) 484448

Srikandi Hotel
Tuparev Street 46
Phone: (0231) 206336


Flamboyan Hotel
Galunggung Street 50
Phone: (0265) 325738

Galunggung Hotel
Yudanegara Street 32-34
Phone: (0265) 333296

Griya Perdana Pemondokan
Gn Roay Street 34-A
Phone: (0265) 334965

Indah Hotel
Laks L RE Martadinata Street 242
Phone: (0265) 331344

Kencana Hotel
Yudanegara Street 17
Phone: (0265) 332621

Mataram Hotel
Yudanegara Street 16
Phone: (0265) 311312

Pajajaran Hotel
Ir H Juanda Street
Phone: (0265) 322300

Pondok Widuri Hotel
Laks L RE Martadinata Street 51
Phone: (0265) 334342

Priangan Hotel
Kb Manggu Street 1
Phone: (0265) 330835

Ramayana Hotel & Restaurant
Laks L RE Martadinata Street Km 3/333
Phone: (0265) 331340

Santosa Hotel
Gn Sabeulah Street 45
Phone: (0265) 331202

Slamet Hotel
Empang Street 26
Phone: (0265) 333032

Sunda Hotel
Selakaso Street 2
Phone: (0265) 330378

Abadi Hotel
Empang Street 58
Phone: (0265) 333789

Borobudur Hotel
May SL Tobing Street 25
Phone: (0265) 333176

Surya Hotel
Siliwangi Street 39
Phone: (0265) 333396

Wijaya Kusuma Hotel
Ir H Juanda Street
Phone: (0265) 330239

Yudanegara Hotel
Yudanegara Street 119
Phone: (0265) 324906

Mahkota Graha Hotel
Laks L RE Martadinata Street 45
Phone: (0265) 332282

Mandalawangi Hotel
Laks L RE Martadinata Street 177
Phone: (0265) 331347


Cigodek Street
Phone: (0262) 521939

Citra Agung Cottage
Cilauteureun Street 785
Phone: (0262) 521250

Rahmat Cottage
Cilauteureun Street 10
Phone: (0262) 251077

Cilauteureun Street

Bumi Wiyata Hotel
Margonda Raya Street
Phone: (021) 7778040

Bumiputera Wisata
Margonda Raya Street
Phone: (021) 7752335

Sahid Jaya Hotel
Thamrin Street, Lippo Cikarang

Perdana Hotel
Imam Bonjol Street, Cikarang Barat
Phone: (021) 8833311

Sudi Mampir Hotel
Teuku Umar Street 97, Cibitung - Cikarang Barat
Phone: (021) 88333146,88333147

Tirta Alam Hotel
Raya Cipanas Street

Tirta Merta I
Raya Cipanas Street 166 Garut
Phone: (0262) 231422

Wisma Tarumanegara
Raya Cipanas Street
Phone: (0262) 233738

Cempaka Cottage
Otista Street 267
Phone: (0262) 231140

Pondok Karang Asri
Raya Parneungpeuk Street 10 km.12
Phone: (0262) 521259

Ambonia Cottage
Cilauteureun Street 19
Phone: (0262) 521281

Barokah Cottage
Raya Cilauteureun Street
Biasa Cottage

Merdeka II Cottage
Diponegoro Street 102. Tambun

Terus Jaya Cottage
Sultan Hasanudin Street 116, TAmbun
Phone: 021-88800187,8803536

Wira Kalingga Hotel
Raya Pamengpeuk Street 102

Antralina Cottage
Raya Cipanas Street 150
Phone: (0262) 239471

Garyati Guest House
Otista Street 234 A
Phone: (0262) 231033

Ngamplang Hotel
Padang Golf Ngamplang Street
Phone: (0262) 231480

Empang Sari Hotel
Pasawahan Street
Phone: (0262) 239555

Nugraha Cottage
Raya Cipanas Street 96
Phone: (0262) 231829

Wisma Rex
Cimanuk Street 311
Phone: (0262) 234103

Cikarang Hotel
Gatot Subroto Street 13, Cikarang Utara
Phone: (021) 8901356

Danau Indah Cottage
Setia Darma village, Tambun Selatan District

Kampung Sampireun
Raya Kamojang-Samarang Street, Sukamulya Village
Phone: (0262) 542393

Sabda Alam Resort Hotel
Raya Cipanas Street 3
Phone: (0262) 540054
Fax: (0262) 237500

Tirta Gangga Hotel
Raya Cipanas Street 130
Phone: (0262) 232549

Kampung Sumber Alam
Raya Cipanas Street 122
Phone: (0262) 237700
Fax: (0262) 232569

Augusta Hotel
Raya Cipanas Street 51
Phone: (0262) 241556

Cipanas Indah Hotel
Raya Cipanas Street 113
Phone: (0262) 233736

Paseban Hotel
Otista Street 260
Phone: (0262) 232302

Ibis Hotel
Raya Jababeka Street, Cikarang Pusat

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